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Using ScreachTV, create your own beautiful, local, personalised, interactive TV channel that makes you money and engages with your customers to turn your screens from background noise into something useful when there is nothing of interest to show on them. Reward each and every customer with a personalised offer that keeps them in your venue longer and brings them back time and time again. When there is no live sport on the TV, don't just leave your screens turned off, make your screens work for you as finally there is something good to put on the telly.

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Meet Harry, Owner and Landlord of Pacific House, Newcastle

Pacific house was recently renovated and as part and parcel of that renovation has had over 10 plasma screens installed. For a couple of hours a week, like every other bar Pacific House will show the live soccer. However when the sport isn’t on, which in reality is 95% of the time, the screens show things like sky sports news or bbc news with no sound.

That is until he installed ScreachTV. With ScreachTV, Harry's screens can now show content that is more relevant to his customers such as local news, fun tweet walls, Facebook feeds, YouTube videos and much more. Harry also uses the easy to use advertising part of the Screach platform, selecting from templates to create and schedule his own advertising to display on the screen in-between the content.

As well as showing local and live content, Harry's screens also show interactive content where the customers phone allows the customer to engage and control the content on the screens.

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